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Yesterday, 20 March 2014, the Local Government Employers made a new pay offer for NJC staff. It is for the following increases to be effective from 1 April 2014:

Spinal Column Point Current Salary Per Hour Increase Proposed Salary Per Hour
5 £12435 £6.45 4.66% £13015 £6.75
6 £12614 £6.54 4.36% £13114 £6.82
7 £12915 £6.69 3.10% £13315 £6.90
8 £13321 £6.90 2.06% £13621 £7.05
9 £13725 £7.11 1.46% £13925 £7.22
10 £14013 £7.26 1.25% £14188 £7.35
11-49 £14880 -£42032 £7.71 –£21.79 1.00% £15029 –£42452 £7.79 –£22.00

There are no conditions or strings attached to this offer which is for a one year deal.

You will recall that the employers’ previous position had been to suggest that they would offer 1% minus the cost of the National Minimum Wage. Their offer now is 1% plus some extra for the lowest paid. Therefore this is an improvement but it is still roughly 1% for the vast majority of staff. That goes nowhere near our claim for £1 an hour nor does it make up for the losses you have suffered in recent years.

GMB had been consulting members on the employers’ earlier position and that was showing very strong support for taking industrial action. Now that we have a new offer it is only right that I start a new consultation to give all affected GMB members the opportunity to decide whether this should be accepted or rejected. I will let you know when the consultation is open and how to vote. Please share this with colleagues who are not union members so that they can join GMB using the link below to ensure they too get a vote. The more we are, the stronger our voice.

Best wishes.

Brian Strutton

National Secretary – Public Services

Posted: 20th March 2014

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