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Branch Meeting Jan 2022

Branch Meeting January 2022
Dear all,
Unfortunately, due to the new government guidance, the Branch Meeting which was scheduled for Wednesday 5th January 2022 will┬áno longer be able to be held in person at the Council’s offices, as we are all advised to work from home.
I am happy to still do the meeting via MS Teams if people still wish to meet? if you could let me know asap please, alternatively we will meet again on Wednesday 2nd March 2022.
I have also received the paperwork/nomination forms for the Regional Council Elections 2021/2022 which arrived after our November meeting and I have put forward Trev Davey for the Public Services Sectional Seat, seconded by Helen Yates, and Helen Yates as the Women’s Reserved Seat as she is our Equality Officer, seconded by Trev Davey. The paperwork has been signed and is due for submission by no later than 28th February 2022.
Under rule 18 which defines the qualifications for those seeking election – all Regional Council members are required to pay the full rate contribution rate. Please note, Regional Member Auditors cannot be elected to the Regional Committee, nor can they be CEC Members, nor can they have, or in the preceding 5 years have had a written contract of employment with the GMB Union.
As both of our nominee’s meet these criteria, this will be our Branch nomination – if anybody has any issues with this, please let me know asap. For those not on email, this information will be sent out by letter, and the website updated with regard to the meeting date.
Have a good Christmas and New Year everybody!
Many thanks
Leona Roberts
Branch Secretary GMB Union S30

Posted: 18th December 2021

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